White Chocolate & Confectionery Coatings

Blommer offers a wide variety of white chocolate and white confectionery coating products to suit every application。 Made with the finest cocoa beans and milk ingredients。 Offered in a variety of flavor profiles, particle size, viscosities and colors to meet your every need。

Contact your Blommer representative to help guide you to the right product for your particular application.

Signature Line White

Cascade White Chocolate
贵州快3 A premium white chocolate coating with sweet milky notes.

Corinthian White Chocolate
A white chocolate coating made with a smooth, creamy flavor with slight chocolate flavor.

White Confectioner Coatings

White Kreemey
A smooth, sweet and milk white confectionery coating.

2805 Yogurt
A fractionated yogurt flavored white confectionery coating.

White Chocolate Drops & Chunks

Ivory White Drops

Chalet White Chunks
A white chocolate chunk with a milky, natural flavor.

White Confectionery Drops & Chunks

White Confectioner Drops
A white chocolate flavored confectionery drop. Sweet and mild milk notes.

Chardonnay White Drops
A fractionated white chocolate flavored confectionery drop.

Balboa White Chunks
贵州快3 A confectioner’s white chunk refined and conged to produce an excellent flavor.

Yogurt Drops
A yogurt flavored, palm kernel based confectioner drop.

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